Academic Programs - Postgraduate


Admission Conditions:

o To qualify for admission the candidate must be a medical graduate of University of Gezira or any other recognized University.

o Must fulfill the relevant regulations of Gezira University for post graduate degrees.

o Must have spent three years in service including housemanship. A period of practical laboratory experience will be considered and advantage.

o Is required to pass an entery examination or interview (Selection Exam). o Must have favorable reports from two referees. o Must be registered with Sudan medical council.

Duration Of The Study:

8 semesters (4 calendar yrs)

1- Selection Exam :

Rotation in Department in 2 years

- Hematology.

- Histopathology.

- Clinical Chemistry.

- Microbiology & Parasitology

- Immunology.

2- First part Exam:

Rotation in 2 Department one major for 18th month and one minor for 6th month after successfully passing the first part Exam .

3- Research.

4- Second Part Exam

Awarded Degree:

MD in Clinical Pathology

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