About The Faculty - Goals

In the field of education
Graduation of high qualified doctor who will be able to :
- Diagnose and treat endemic and epidemic diseases and all the health problems at the level of the individual, family, and the community.

- Solve health problems through community orientation and problem- based approach and play a role in prevention and treatment.

- Consider the code of ethics, when dealing with patients, colleagues and the community as a whole.

- Supervise, train and work with the members of the health team and delegate responsibilities to team members through his/her knowledge of the administration methods and ability to communicate with others.

- Conduct research, propose and implement health programme and be able to report on these activities .

- Continue learning after graduation.

In the field of Research:
- To conduct research in priority health, problems in the Gezira area and the Sudan.

- From the college community education is the duty of all the topics that are related to health and conduct continuing education activities for all levels of health frameworks in collaboration with the health system and the provision of graduate programs according to the needs of the community

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