Faculty board

in accordance with Article (27/2) of the University of Gezira Law of 1995, the Faculty Board is responsible for the following: Supervising the academic work of the Faculty Recommending the approval of the scientific and research programs submitted by the Faculty Issuing the regulations that do not contradict with the university regulations. Promoting the academic performance in the Faculty or any other tasks according to the powers Which shall be vested in him by the laws and regulations of the University. Based on Article (27/1) of the University of Gezira Law for the year 1995, the Faculty shall have a Board which shall be formed as follows


The Vice Chancellor Chairman
Dean of the Faculty Alternate Chairman
Dean of Scientific Affairs Member
Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Member
Chairman of the Undergraduate Studies Committee Member
Deans of related Faculties Members
Former Faculty deans Members
Deputy Dean of the Faculty Member
Heads of Department and directors of the centers Members
Chairmen of the Standing Committees of the Faculty Board Members
Faculty members with the rank of professor (below retirement age) Members
Representatives of staff members in departments (representative for each department that has more than five members) they will be members for only three years Members
Three members, at least two of them from outside the university, are nominated by the dean of the faculty and appointed by the vice-chancellor of the university. Their membership lasts only four years Members
Registration and Examinations Officer Member - and Rapporteur

Heads of Departments & Heads of Centers Council


Heads of Departments
Heads of Centers
Decided of Council

Heads of Departments Council


Prof.Haydar El Hadi Babikir Dean - Head of Council
Dr.Mohammed El Amin Ahmed Mohammed El Amin Deputy Dean - Member
Prof.Magda El Hadi Head of Primary care and health education center - Member
Muawiya El Blal Head of Department of Medicine - Member
Dr.Wael Nuri Head of Educational Development Centre - Member
Dr.Salwa El Sanusi Head of Family and Community Medicine - Member
Dr.Mahdi Ali Salih Head of Department of Anatomy - Member
Dr.Hind Osman Taha Head of Department of Pathology - Member
Dr.Hani Youssef zaki Head of Department of Biochemistry - Member
Dr.Faisal A. El Jaleel Head of Department of Surgery - Member
Dr.Abd Allah Mohammed Tom Head of Department of Dermatology - Member
Dr.Somia Khalafalla A.Rahim Head of Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology - Member
Dr.Hisham Mustafa El tayeb Head of Department of Pediatrics - Member
Dr.Adel Ali Babikir Head of Department of Psychology - Member
Sohair Haydar Decided of Council

Training Board

The training board is a specialized council that is under the supervision of the university Vice Chancellor. The powers of the training council: Inventory and analysis of the training programs in the various departments. Identifying the actual training needs. Setting the priorities of the training. Preparation and approval of the annual training plan Preparing the necessary budget for the implementation of the approved training plan.


Vice Chancellor Chairman of the Council
Dean of Scientific Affairs Member and Rapporteur
Representative of the Health Sector Member
Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies Member
Vice Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Member
Deputy Dean of Scientific Affairs Member
Representative of the Economic Sector Member
Representative of the Engineering Sector and Applied Sciences Member
Representative of the educational sector Member

Examiners Council

The Board of Examiners shall review the results of the examinations within the list of examinations and regulations in force at the University of Gezira before submitting them to the Faculty board


Dean of the Faculty Chairman
Registration and Examinations Officer Member and Rapporteur
Assistants of the Registration and Examination Officer Members
Representative of the faculty at the undergraduate studies committee member
Courses Coordinators members

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