About The Faculty - Values

Medicine Student Oath I swear by Allah Almighty that I have been honored by Allah to be admitted as a student in the Faculty of Medicine. I pledge to Allah that I call to mind His presence and guidance in all of my movements and my stillness, and I promise Him to observe the sanctity of man alive and dead and to preserve the dignity of the people and treat them with kindness, love and respect as I love myself and that my colleagues will be as my brothers and my teachers as my fathers, I save them their favor, respect and honor them. And my college to be as my home, take care of it and its reputation and seek for its sublimity to remain always high and seek to acquire the knowledge and experience that qualify me to become a qualified doctor to care for patients and treat them, hopefully, entrusted to their honors, health and secrets and my behavior will be evidential of my faith, And be free from what disgrace me before Allah, His Messenger and the believers. and Allah on what I say is witness.

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