Gezira initiative for Early Detection and Rehabilitation of Hearing Loss in Children - Prof. Osman M el Mustafa

There is no doubt that hearing loss greatly impairs speech development and communication with others. This is a big burden on the family and society and causes a lot of stress on family members in bringing up and educating the affected child. Hearing loss is also an important factor of poor school performance among school children.
Speech development and language is dependent on hearing and hence early detection of hearing problems is essential for natural development of vocabulary and knowledge which are time dependant and demands patience and perseverance.

- early detection of hearing loss at birth and pre-school screening program.
-Public education addressing the etiology and methods of prevention of hearing loss.
- Make sure that problems of hearing loss and rehabilitation are included in the curriculae of Primary Health Care, Nursing and Medical Assistants Schools.
- Adoption of Diploma in Audiology, Diploma in Speech Therapy for Para- medical staff and MD in Clinical Audiology for medical staff in collaboration with Sudan National Board for Medical Specialization (SNMBS).
Adoption of a National Otology and Rehabilitation Center to be sited in the state capital (Wad Medani). Methods of Application1.
A 3-stage protocol for early detection and screening.
First Stage:
From birth to end of 2nd year. Neural reflexes that depend on hearing play an important role in early diagnosis e.g. startle reflex and distraction tests.

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