M.D. in Medicine

Department of Medicine

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The Department of Internal Medicine began with the beginning of the Faculty of Medicine in the seventies. The department is characterized by a variety of clinical research. The department is seeking to find an effective academic scientific method in evaluating clinical students in hospitals. Research Interests: Rheumatology Diseases of the diges

M.D. in General Surgery

This section is one of the largest departments in the Faculty of Medicine. It consists of a group of professors in various specialties in surgery, at the beginning of the college in the late seventies and early eighties the section was composed of a general surgery specialist only, but with the great development in the science of surgery and the gl

MD in Pediatrics

Department of Pediatrics

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It is a basic department in the Faculty of Medicine and has been established by the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine. The department's professors participate in the teaching of all syllabuses of the curriculum, as well as the course of growth and development and the decisions of the community doctor which are related to the health of the ch


Man in his composition includes the body and mind in a coherent unit and this interdependence puts the importance of the concept of mental health as a basic component of human health.
The importance of mental health can also be derived from the study of all aspects related to mental illness and its multiple effects on the individual, family


Since the start of Gezira University in 1975 it adopted the course committee in state of department. The department was developed in 1989 after the device of the vice chancellor Prof. Eltigani Hassan Elamin at the time.
The department of Ob/Gyn was developed by Prof. Omer Mirgani who is the first head department.
The curriculum of Ob/G

MSc in Dermatology

Department of Dermatology

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Dermatology department is established in the faculty of medicine, Gezira university, since it was established. Thanks to Prof. Bushra Omar Ahmed, the dermatology course for the bachelor program was founded. He was participating in teaching this course with other courses coordinators. He was also the first to establish the dermatology course for pos

Ph.D. in Human Anatomy

Department of Anatomy

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The first part was in 1979 with the beginning of the Faculty of Medicine. The Department of Medicine at Nasser College (now the College of Laboratories) By the end of 1987, which was the center of medical development (EHC), and the current building of the clinic was built for primary health care (PHC). The expansion of the department began with the

MSc physiology
Ph.D. in Physiology
PhD in physiology

The Department of the functions of members is one of the main sections in basic science, which was opened in 1990 and is responsible for teaching the functions of the members in the courses of the equipment for medical students and postgraduate, followed by the Department of the functions of organs, which was established in 1992 in the basic scienc

M.Sc. in Biochemistry
Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Nutrition

The Department of Medical Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine is responsible for the teaching of biochemistry and microbiology. The department takes an innovative approach in teaching these subjects and related topics from the medical point of view. Biochemistry and microbiology are integrated with other basic and clinical sciences in the form of hea

Diploma in Family Medicine
Diploma in Community Medicine
PhD Community Medicine
PhD Family Medicine

Family and Community Medicine

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The department evolved since the establishment of the university in 1975 since that time it provide academic service and research program relevant to families and community health and development community. The department plan and implementation and evaluate the activities of these programs at different level, Bachelor, Master and PhD.


Department of Pathology

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The Department of Pathology teaches the subject of pathology, which means studying the structural and functional changes in tissues and living cells because of disease, this provides a scientific explanation of what the patient may feel symptoms and what the doctor sees signs of the disease.

Pathology is therefore the link between basic medical


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