Non -Communicable Diseases Center

Non-communicable diseases are considered of a high importance for both public health and clinical medicine worldwide. Since the early eighties of this century, these diseases have shown a high prevalence and they still on the increase, especially in the developing countries where 80% of them are found. WHO records (2014), has shown that 63% of the worldwide mortality is due to these diseases. Sudan is clearly suffering from lack of information and database regarding non-communicable diseases. This is due to the low research activities and the lack of specialized centers for these diseases. This has created a great defect between the service, heath education, training of health related personnel and the scientific research related to those non-communicable diseases in Sudan. So there is a great need to fill the gaps in those fields mentioned above, as well as to show more interest in generating more evidence-based strategies regarding the epidemiology, cilincal signs and symptoms of those diseases and the development of their diagnosis. The Federal Ministry of Health has shown a great interest in non-communicable diseases and has established a chamber for NCDs inside the general administration of primary health care as well as including them in the quaternary strategic plan of the ministry. It is worth mentioning that the University Of Gezira center for NCDs was established in the year 2015 following the decree of the University of Gezira senate number 2006.

- General objective:
The main goal of the centre is to strengthen and promote research and training in NCD research and health policy.
- Specific objectives:
set priority areas and topics in NCDs research
conduct and organize research activities
promote capacity building in NCDs research and prevention (Faculty members, Postgraduate students and other health professionals)
contribute in NCDs prevention efforts
play a role in health promotion programs in collaboration with partners


" Excellence in training and scientific research and qualification of postgraduate students and community service in the field of NCDs in Sudan and Middle East and North Africa."

Non -Communicable Diseases Center


"Effective contribution to the reduction of NCDs through the conduct of unique scientific research and training programs and community service through integration of roles, partnerships and strategic engagement across the holistic concept of health so as to ensure the sustainability of the outputs which is reflected positively on individual, family and community levels."

Non -Communicable Diseases Center

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