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. On the 19th Feb 2004 the Vice Chancellor (VC) of the University of Gezira released the initiative of the University of Gezira (U of G) during the obstetrical and gynecological society conference. The initiative aims to reduce the maternal mortality ratio (MMR) and the neonatal mortality rate (NMR) in the Gezira State by 50% within five years 2005-2010. That was followed by a strong statement by the Gezira State Wali (Governor) supporting the initiative. Immediately after the conference the VC formed a committee to design, implement and evaluate the project. The committee included representatives of the UG, State Ministry of Health, the department of pediatrics and the department of community medicine of the Faculty of Medicine University of Gezira (FMUG). The committee prepared the project draft which was presented in a national workshop organized by the Educational Development and Research Centre (EDC FMUG) on 23.9.2004 under the patronage of the Gezira State Wali. The workshop approved the project in its final version. During the workshop the objectives, strategies and methods of evaluation were made known to all stakeholders. The project is now in the implementation phase and the preliminary results are encouraging.

- rehabilitate all labour rooms and operative theatres in all hospitals in the state; provide ptimum services of sterilization, anesthesia and blood replacement in all hospitals in the state.
- establish neonatal care units in all tertiary level hospitals
- employ at least one obstetrician specialist in each rural hospital
- allot at least one VMW in each village or camp
- provide each VMW with a complete delivery kit.
- ensure continuous flow of essential supplies for village midwives
- post all village midwives in permanent governmental paid jobs.
- provide village midwives with manuals and management protocols. - review and develop the village midwives curricula
- rehabilitate old village midwives schools and establish new schools
- increases the number of students midwifes.
- ensure that the auxiliary staff is complete in each hospital; anaesthetic technician, theater attendant, laboratory technician, statistics technician and a dietician.
- organize in-service-training course for midwives and doctors in obstetrics and neonatology.
- provide a text book of midwifery for midwives schools
- manuals and protocols for midwives and doctors.
- provide continuous flow of essential drugs for rural hospitals and village midwives.
- establish intensive care units in tertiary hospitals
- upgrade ANC coverage and quality
- strengthen the supervision and referral systems at the level of PHC and adopt the high risk
- approach in ANC.
- develop and modernize the records system(health information system) and establish a data
- base of pregnancy and its complications
- keep a record of all maternal and neonatal deaths
- monitor the project continuously and evaluate it periodically.
- conduct scientific research; biomedical, technological, epidemiological, operational, basic sciences and social science


"Community development by provision of sustainable and comprehensive health care and upgrading of maternal and child health and reduction of maternal mortality and morbidity and children mortality and morbidity."

Motherhood and Childhood Centre


"Adopting an effective strategy: full partnership with the Ministry of Health Gezira state and all relevant stakeholders at all stages of the initiative - planning, implementation and evaluation - in order to upgrade the maternal and child health.(i) upgrading of the maternal and child health services ;antepartum, intrapartum and puerperal care, upgrading the health care of children under 5 years. The interventions are at the level of the family, village midwife, auxiliary health workers, rural hospital and referral hospital and specialized hospital. (ii) conducting relevant scientific research in maternal and child health and training of doctors and health workers to qualify them for postgraduate degrees."

Motherhood and Childhood Centre

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