Department of Pediatrics

It is a basic department in the Faculty of Medicine and has been established by the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine. The department's professors participate in the teaching of all syllabuses of the curriculum, as well as the course of growth and development and the decisions of the community doctor which are related to the health of the child. The members also participate in the teaching of endemic diseases and forensic medicine, The members of the department participate in teaching the courses of the graduate programs of the Sudanese Council for Medical Specialties. Some members participated in the exams of the Arab Council for Medical Specialties, in addition to their participation as external examiners of pediatric medicine in all faculties Medicine in Sudan, like their colleagues in other departments in the college. The Department of Graduate Studies and Doctor of Pediatrics, which was stopped after the establishment of the Sudanese National Council for Medical Specializations, except for some foreign students, was established by Professor Galilee Professor Hafez Al-Shazly. The first curriculum corrected a group of professors: - B. Hassan Mohamed Ahmed - B. Open Rahman Al Borai - B. Isa Osman Secretary - B. Kamal Hassan Abdulqadir - Dr. Abbas Carp

- The student should identify all the common, serious or preventable cases, discuss, diagnose and treat them
- The student should know the good care of pregnant women, immunization, breastfeeding, food additives, oral hygiene and health education
- Learn how to reduce the suffering and death of infants and children
- The student should address the children and their families in a friendly manner and show their interest, affection and respect and involve the family in the child's health care at the hospital and home levels.
- The student should be aware of the psychological, social, economic, religious and traditional background in his assessment of the children and his treatment with their families
- The student should establish a good relationship and cooperation with colleagues, medical assistants and all those involved in the provision of child health care
- The student should constantly teach himself and develop his skills using university books, periodicals, professors, peers, available clinical resources, network, e-library, and any other methods.
- The student must know the normal structure of the body and the normal functions and know delinquency
- The student must perform a comprehensive and complete physical examination of all the equipment and present and discuss the situation in a clinical tour, seminar or conference
- The student should discuss and participate in child survival programs such as IMCI and EPI.


"The department seeks to achieve scientific and cognitive integration and access to the world in the field of medical education in terms of quality and sensitivity and competition of pediatric medicine departments in local and international medical schools"

Department of Pediatrics


" Provide a distinguished medical service for the health of sick children, follow up healthy children, train doctors on treatment and diagnosis methods, and teach students the principles of treatment and diagnosis"

Department of Pediatrics

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