Department of Biochemistry

The Department of Medical Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine is responsible for the teaching of biochemistry and microbiology. The department takes an innovative approach in teaching these subjects and related topics from the medical point of view. Biochemistry and microbiology are integrated with other basic and clinical sciences in the form of health problems and are taught through a problem-based system. The offices of the department members are located in the second floor of the building. The teaching and research laboratories of the biochemistry and biologic department are also located in the same building.

- The preparation of highly qualified medical biochemists
- Provide students with the knowledge and skill necessary to provide patients with the necessary service
- Training students on the skills of interpreting the results of laboratory tests
- Encouraging scientific research and creativity


"To change the basic concepts of life sciences and to understand life at the molecular level. The Department participates in the provision of a distinguished graduate and the production of applied research in biochemistry and biophysics"

Department of Biochemistry


"The Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology at the Faculty of Medicine offers an integrated course of study to provide students with comprehensive medical knowledge of biochemistry and microbiology that are indispensable for the study and practice of medicine."

Department of Biochemistry

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