Department of Physiology

The Department of the functions of members is one of the main sections in basic science, which was opened in 1990 and is responsible for teaching the functions of the members in the courses of the equipment for medical students and postgraduate, followed by the Department of the functions of organs, which was established in 1992 in the basic science lab was purchased all the devices taking into account Modern technology in the acquisition of devices, this laboratory was granted by the Council of deans of the faculties of (pharmacy - dentistry - applied medicine in addition to the Faculty of Medicine) for these colleges to teach practical. In addition, technicians were assigned to the lab, which was trained to work in the member's lab where all the practical experiments of the students are conducted.
In 1994, the MSc and PhD program was approved by the University of Manchester, UK. As well as the bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and Nutrition, the same year saw the beginning of clinical doctoral programs in various disciplines.

- Activities concerning undergraduate students :
Teaching & training the medical students physiology (ten)from semester one to semester seven.
Participation in coordination of the integrated courses Participation in academic supervision of students .
- Activities concerning postgraduate students:
The department executes two programs of postgraduate studies: Philosophy of physiology(9)PhD holders.
- Activities concerning staff training & development:
The teaching staff attended the workshops dealing with teaching methods, time management & administrative performance promotion conducted by education development centers in the faculty of medicine & University of Gezira & University of Khartoum


"Changing the basic concepts of life sciences and understanding life at the molecular level. The department participates in the provision of a distinguished graduate and the production of applied research"

Department of Physiology


"The Department of Physiology in the Faculty of Medicine offers an integrated course of study to provide students with comprehensive medical knowledge of the functions of the organs that are indispensable for the study and practice of medicine"

Department of Physiology

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