Department of Surgery

This section is one of the largest departments in the Faculty of Medicine. It consists of a group of professors in various specialties in surgery, at the beginning of the college in the late seventies and early eighties the section was composed of a general surgery specialist only, but with the great development in the science of surgery and the global trend towards specialized disciplines of general surgery was the trend in this section to Many specialists in specializations in the field of surgery are admitted. Urology, laparoscopic surgery, pediatric surgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, nose and throat surgery, ophthalmology and heart surgery are all available.
This resulted in the existence of these rare specialties in the island, specifically the city of Wad Madani, and resulted in the existence of specialized centers that provide services very high and important for the people of the state of the island and the people of the adjacent States, which increased the suffering of many patients of the provinces and became the city of Wad Madani now known as the capital medical. All these changes and the upgrading of health services in this town was led by the management of Al-Jazeera University, the Faculty of Medicine, and the areas of the Department of Surgery in this section.
And we have recently been able to accommodate the young specialists of the graduates of this college, and thank God has joined a constellation of young people has led a strong impetus for the faculty in this section, and was the greatest benefit in our children students where we were able to find who covers many of the educational activities of students in pre-clinical courses This raises their level when they attend courses that are a comprehensive review of what students have taken in pre-clinical courses.
We hope that the university administration will cooperate with us in creating jobs to accommodate the graduates. There are many places available to accommodate them until important specializations are completed. This will lead to improved performance, and time for faculty members to devote themselves to scientific research, which is the basis of scientific progress. .

- Every graduate of the Faculty of Medicine must be prepared and qualified to deal with and address surgical problems as long as these problems, whether emergency or normal
- Strengthen and increase basic surgical knowledge and skills
- Knowledge of emergency surgical medicine
- Solving common problems and different treatment methods for surgical diseases
- Treatment of special cases
- learning to be able the student to work as a member of a surgical team
- Teaching students common hand skills and procedures used in diagnosis and treatment


"The Department of Surgery aspires to have a leading and positive role in medical education, medical research and health services in all surgical specialties."

Department of Surgery


"The best education and training for the students of the Faculty of Medicine in all surgical specialties according to the best modern methods of teaching and conducting medical researches that serve the society while adhering to international quality standards."

Department of Surgery

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