Department of Anatomy

The first part was in 1979 with the beginning of the Faculty of Medicine. The Department of Medicine at Nasser College (now the College of Laboratories) By the end of 1987, which was the center of medical development (EHC), and the current building of the clinic was built for primary health care (PHC). The expansion of the department began with the revolution of higher education at the time of accepting the batch 14 In 1991-1992, the number of students rose from 120 to 420 students. The morgue was enlarged by adding the old professors' office to increase the area.

- Graduating distinguished and competent doctors
- Raising the academic level of students
- Maintain scientific excellence
- Linking clinical and fundamental sciences with each other


"To change the basic concepts of life sciences and to understand life at the molecular level. The Department participates in the provision of a distinguished graduate and the production of applied research in the fields of anatomy."

Department of Anatomy


"The Department of Anatomy at the Faculty of Medicine offers an integrated course to provide students with comprehensive medical knowledge of anatomy that is indispensable for the study and practice of medicine."

Department of Anatomy

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