Department of Dermatology

Dermatology department is established in the faculty of medicine, Gezira university, since it was established. Thanks to Prof. Bushra Omar Ahmed, the dermatology course for the bachelor program was founded. He was participating in teaching this course with other courses coordinators. He was also the first to establish the dermatology course for post-graduation in Sudan, the current head department of dermatology was one of the students to that program.
Distinguished memberships in the department since its establishment:
1. Prof. Bushra Omar Ahmed
2. Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Hamedien
3. Dr. Saeed Babiker
4. Dr. Abdulla Mohammed Tom
The Department consists of 3 major sections:
1. Cosmetology
2. Andrology and fertility
3. Dermatopathology, in cooperation with pathology department.

- Graduates of highly qualified doctors with dermatology, treatment and prevention methods
- Contribute to the promotion of the health level in society
- Link the theoretical curriculum with clinical training in outpatient clinics and hospital and identify treatment methods
- How to detect diseases early and deal with emergencies
- Keeping pace with scientific development
- Dissemination of scientific research
- Participation in global conferences and workshops


"Providing distinguished graduates with high efficiency, operational capabilities, community service, research development and competition in other faculties."

Department of Dermatology


"Knowledge development, research, innovation and entrepreneurship Treatment of common and intractable skin diseases. Contribute to events held in the region of conferences and forums."

Department of Dermatology

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