Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Since the start of Gezira University in 1975 it adopted the course committee in state of department. The department was developed in 1989 after the device of the vice chancellor Prof. Eltigani Hassan Elamin at the time.
The department of Ob/Gyn was developed by Prof. Omer Mirgani who is the first head department.
The curriculum of Ob/Gyn was written by Dr. Mohammed Awad Allah Salih the chairman of the committee of Ob/Gyn.
It was revised by the committee:
Dr. Mohammed Awad Allah Salih
Dr. Omer Ahmed Mirgani
Dr. Awed Mohammed Ahmed
Dr. Omran Abo Eisa
Dr. Mohammed Elamin Elsharif
Dr. Nafisa Omer Mustafa

- Training of undergraduate medical students, postgraduate students and paramedical .
- Development of curricula of medical student, postgraduate students and paramedical.
- Encourage self learning by using the library and other resources (hospital, laboratory, community).
- Upgrade the curriculum and ensure that the contents are relevant to the objectives of the Faculty of Medicine and the goals of Gezira University.
- Promote relevant research and encourage research related to the community. Encourage multidisciplinary research.
- Strengthen the relations between national and international institutions and agencies and puresue the development of new relations.
-Observe that the contents are of a high scientific standard compared to othor national and international universities.
-Improve the teaching learning methods ,always using a community oriented problem solving approach ,and introduce new techniques of education.
-Take active part in the health care delivery system and contribute effectively in its development.
-Take active part in the teaching of paramedical (curriculum development, implementation and evaluation).


"We promote locally, regionally and globally and achieve excellence in medical education, research and community service"

Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology


"To provide the highest level of excellence in medical education and to provide excellent health services to the community through specialized medical centers, as well as to improve scientific research and keep abreast of modern developments"

Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

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