Department of Psychology

Man in his composition includes the body and mind in a coherent unit and this interdependence puts the importance of the concept of mental health as a basic component of human health.
The importance of mental health can also be derived from the study of all aspects related to mental illness and its multiple effects on the individual, family and society.
The multiple effects of mental illness are manifested in different forms in the form of stress and psychological effects on the individual and the patient, on his family, on the loss of the patient as a productive individual in the society, and on the economic situation of the family and society, and other forms of development and pathological effects. The concept of mental illness has been faced with unjustified hostility in most societies and may be attributed to the spread of many false beliefs in society regarding the nature of mental illness, and may be the reason for this misconception and the hostility of undue justification in mental health services available and trained in this field . However, many of the rapid and rapid economic changes, and external migration, as well as social and cultural changes, have certainly led to increased attention to mental health services.

- Describes mental health services and the role of doctor and other health systems
- Recognize and classify common mental disorders
- The student can diagnose and treat psychological emergencies
- legal psychiatry
- Definition of Psychotherapy


"Providing academic programs and excellent training for medical staff through focusing on the use of information and knowledge to solve problems, producing knowledge and possessing the skills of continuing education, training in the latest teaching methods, providing them with educational experiences, teaching and training students in medical college"

Department of Psychology


"The mental health department should be a pioneer and distinguished in the field of preparing medical personnel with competitive abilities capable of contributing to the community development plans. And to have a positive role in the field of medical education"

Department of Psychology

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