Department of Medicine

The Department of Internal Medicine began with the beginning of the Faculty of Medicine in the seventies. The department is characterized by a variety of clinical research. The department is seeking to find an effective academic scientific method in evaluating clinical students in hospitals. Research Interests: Rheumatology Diseases of the digestive system Fever and epidemic diseases AIDS and other specializations.

- Providing the student with philosophy and medical skills that help him solve the problems of his society after graduation
- The role of the doctor in providing health care in the country
- Identify priority health problems
- Education based on problem solving
- Multidisciplinary and partnership concepts
- Curriculum development
- Program Evaluation
- Leadership
- Professional ethics
- Development, training and promotion of staff working in the department
- Providing health services at all levels


"excellence in teaching behavioral, ethical and scientific competencies of all branches of internal medicine for students of the Faculty of Medicine."

Department of Medicine


"The preparation of distinguished doctors, distinguished scientifically and behavioral, able to take responsibility and develop the health system in Sudan and the Middle East."

Department of Medicine

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