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Article I

Goals of the Agreement
Through this formal agreement both sides declare that they want to co-operate in the area of scientific research and academic teaching. The co-operation can also extend to cultural activities carried out by both sides.

Article II

Areas of Scientific Collaboration
(1) The co-operation deals with the following areas:
- planning and completion of scientific research projects,
- exchange of faculty and scientific personnel,
- exchange of scientific literature,
- exchange of students (including internships and summer courses for students),
- organising co-operative scientific conferences (congresses, meetings etc.),
- cultural events.
(2) Details for the co-operation will be worked out between the participating
departments/centres. Agreements at this level do not bind the University as a whole, unless the President/Rector/Vice-Chancellor endorse the particular agreement in writing.

Article III

Publication of Research Results
Publication of co-operatively achieved research can only be published by mutual consent. It should be noted, that the results of the research activities have been achieved at both institutions.

Article IV

Exchange of teachers and researchers
Both institutions commit to promoting the exchange of teachers and researchers. The Participating parties make an effort to solicit financial means to support such an exchange.

Article V

Student Exchange
(1) Both institutions will promote the exchange of students. Prerequisite is that students possess the appropriate admission requirements for study at the guest university. Furthermore, for admission to a particular academic discipline requirements must be fulfilled in accordance with established rules.
(2) The participating students pay tuition at their own home university and are exempt from having to pay such fees at the guest university, as long as the exchange capacity is equal.
(3) The course of study and the grades achieved at the guest university should be duly recognised by the home university whenever possible. The guest university will issue an official transcript for the courses taken and grades achieved. Both universities will make an effort to help students at the parent university in attaining stipends.

Article VI

Exchange of Information
The partner universities will inform each other when possible about scientific publications, scientific meetings, courses of study, and about entities that promote research in their respective country.

Article VII

Financial and Organisational Conditions
Within the framework of their possibilities both sides will attempt to promote mutual activities through their own budgets. They will make an effort in their country to secure financial support through agencies that promote research and teaching. Guest scientists of the respective partner university should have the possibility of pursuing their scientific work during their stay in the host country at the University facilities within available capacities. This also holds for exchange students.

Article VIII

Co-ordination and Administration
(1) Each side will designate a representative responsible for the execution of this agreement. He/she will report regularly to the President/Rector/Vice-Chancellor of the College/or Academic Department concerning the activities carried out within the framework of the agreement.
The administrative obligations related to this agreement will be carried out by the Akademisches Auslandsamt at Martin-Luther-University and ......... at University of Gezira, Wad Medani.

Article IX

Rules and Regulations
(1) Participants of the co-operative activities carried out within the framework of this agreement agree to adhere to the academic and non-academic rules and regulations of the host country.
(2) In case such rules and regulations are not adhered to, both sides signing this agreement assume that the legal consequences lie solely with the participants.

Article X

Validity of the Agreement
Initially this agreement will be in effect for a period of one year. Subsequently, it is extended for one additional year at a time, unless one of the two sides void the contract three month before it expires.

Article XI

Official Languages
This agreement shall be rendered in German and English. Both versions shall be equally binding¬.

University of Gezira, Wad Medani
Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg
The Rector

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